Scope of Works and Best Practice for Concrete slab home extension

Image Adding more floor area to your home involves more than just pouring a new concrete slab up against your existing property. Whether your existing home is built on a re-enforced concrete slab or a timber suspended floor, we always recommend using a re-enforced concrete slab as the foundation for your extension (Unless you are on a sloping site or specific circumstance where a Stump, bearer and joist flooring system required). Not only is concrete a structurally stronger foundation, but if constructed in compliance with AS 2860 (Residential Slabs and Footings) or AS 3600 (Concrete Structures), it is also an effective Termite management system when a chemical termite barrier is applied under the slab prior to placement of Waterproof membrane and concrete and re-enforcement. Any control joints, penetrations through the slab and certain footing slab joints would still need to be provided with a termite management system